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PostSubject: Marksman Macros   Marksman Macros EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 1:34 pm

Hey, here are the macros I have -- just copy and paste them just like that are:

Name: Point Gen
#show Empowered Shot
cast Shadow Fire
cast Crippling Shot
cast Piercing Shot
cast Quick Shot

(I took empowered shot out, as it was a DPS loss, but will put it back in when I get a 4/4 MM crystal. I know you have ranger crystal, so you may want to just leave it as is.) (Also, I have shadow fire in the macro, if you think you can keep it up 100%, it would be about a 2 second dps gain to cast it manually when it has 2-3 seconds left... I'd rather not mess with it)

Name: Finisher
#show Deadeye Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Deadeye Shot
cast Head Shot
cast Bull's Eye

(On this one, I macro'd in Bull's Eye. Again, slight DPS loss because the first rotation it procs on RFS which only causes 1, smaller crit. It would be beneficial to cast it manually when you know Deadeye is going to be going off. Too much trouble for too little gain for me to worry about though)

Name: AOE
#show Fan Out
cast Lightning Fury
cast Fan Out

My Bar:

1.) Point Gen
2.) AOE
3.) Finisher
4.) Strife
5.) Reload

So, at the start of a boss fight... spam Point Gen like crazy until 5 points, then Finisher followed by strife, finisher, reload, strife, finisher. (Huge DPS when that is all finished Smile )

From there you just spam the point gen until 5 points and then finisher, and cast strife/reload whenever they are available.
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Marksman Macros
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